Death is part of life. Are we ready to accept it?

Obviously NO!


Aren't you afraid of losing your parents or closed one's death? But we must first understand are they really dead?

Suppose you meet someone on a journey and had a very good time with them. When you seperate you feel a sense of seperation. You keep calling those memories even after the journey. But do feel depressed after that seperation!?

What is death?

Death is nothing but a change. Nothing can be dead scientifically or spiritually. What you referring as dead, it had it's existence even before it was born and will exist after death when it's not visible. It only transform itself.

If you realise the fact that silence had it's existence before sound, you will never be afraid of losing a particular sound.

 Death through science perception:


There is a basic science rule that energy can neither be created nor destroyed,it can only be transformed from one form to other.  

Every living being is a form of energy.

The term we referred to as death seems to be a paradox with this.

Nothing can be dead in this universe. 

Let's take the example of water. When we freeze it , it changes into ice. This ice is different in appearance or physical features but at the basic level it water. 

No living being can be dead. It may change it's form. 

May be the tree in your backyard is your ancestor, or the wind that you are feelings right now is the loved one you lost yesterday.

You need to be awaken enough to witness this transformation of energy. 

Think about it.

The five stages of death: 

Life came in stages, it will leave in stages as well. Doctors believe that we have one trillion cells in our body, and each of the cell is living by itself.

When the doctors say the patient is no more. Still a large part of the body is alive. 

They have accepted the fact that when we are our brain lives for ten hours.

The question is , when we are dead. Why some of our cells still alive and grow? 

Life is a physical mechanism on many different levels. Have you even imagined how your cell knows it is a human cell? 

If you eat animal's food for two-three days you never become an animal. There are variety of memories imposed on every cell in the system. Memories of evolution, genetic memory, karmic memories. So that the cell never gets confused. 

Just like any other mechanism we have hardware and software. The software package is actually much bigger. It is energised by what we are considering as life force. 

In yogic terminology it is known as prana. It menifests itself in five basic dimensions. 

These five dimensions are:


  1. Prana vayu
  2. Samana vayu
  3. Apana vayu
  4. Udana vayu
  5. Vyana
These have different functions.

1. Prana vayu
It is related to breath. The respiratory action and the thought process. If prana vayu depletes your respiratory action will go away. And at this point the doctor checks and says, " The body is no more".
Respiratory and pulmonary action are directly connected.
Once the respiration stops, that process will naturally come to an end. 
So prana vayu is gone. 
These all dimensions will not go one after another. They will go at the same time.

2. Samana vayu
This is incharge of generating heat in the system. So once samana vayu starts receding the body starts getting cold and it also becomes stiff. 

3. Apana vayu 
It is the sensory aspect of the body.
When you check someone and declare them medically dead,they can still feel sensations. There are number of cases where people get terrified because the dead moves a little bit. There are twitchings in the body that happens in a very mild way, because the sensory activity is still on. 
Still life is not fully convinced that it's finished.

4. Udana vayu 
When udana vayu goes away then the buoyancy is gone. You may weigh fifty or sixty kilos. But never fell fifty kilos on you when you are alive, isn't it?
 This is simply because udana creates a buoyancy.
Once udana starts receding suddenly the body becomes heavy. Weight does not increase but you can feel the weight much more because the udana is gone.
5. Vyana 
The fifth dimension is known as vyana. It is preservative in nature. If vyana recedes, even when you are alive your body will begin to rot. 
Vyana may take fourteen days to leave. 

When you burry a person the vyana may be still hovering there. 

Live before you die:

Some people believe that the soul( aatma) changes the body after death. 

Our body is made up of five element

1. Earth 

2. Water 

3. Fire 

4. Space  

5. Air 

When these five elements combine together to form a body we call it as birth. When these five elements disembodied we call it as death. 

We had our existence before our birth. We were never born, then how can we dead.  

Some people have desires , which they tend to do in the future. When they are dead they may have the desires to back in another body and full fill what they left behind. 

These all seems nonsense and man made theories. 

We are given this one life with this body. Do whatever is possible at the level of this body. If you want to say something to someone, say it. If you want to do something, do it. If you want to love someone, love them. 

Live it as it is your first and last day of your life. This moment is complete in itself, there is nothing left, nothing more to be done for the matter. Game over! 

No past , No future. 


When doctors declare someone as dead. For you they are dead. As far as that person is concerned in a way. He's lost his body. All his life he lived thinking he is a body , never realised that
When he slips off the body he tends to hover around the body. Because he's lost his descriminatory intelligence. So, this tends to hover around it. 

 Why do we dream every night ?

We all have dreams of achieving something.  We dream every night.

Lucid dreaming
Dream world 


Let me ask you something,

Do you remember what you dreamt last night ?

I am sure your answer would be "No". But have ever thought why can't you remember it?


Inter dimensional realm

Science simply explains the phenomenon of dreams as , It is a process by which your sub consious mind rearranges all the information that you have gathered through out the day. So that you use same knowledge or skills the next day. Will you be fascinated if I tell you that you can actually come out of your body and do whatever you want and return back when it's over ! 

I know the above lines seems superstition and next to impossible. But it's true. 

Now let's see the scientific explanation of why you must experience Lucid dreaming atleast once in your life, and how to do it? 


What are dreams ?

Dreams are the language of your sub conscious mind. Various scientific studies states that dreams are very important for your mind. The information that you get from get from your dream is ultimate and can give you many ideas, which you cannot imagine when you are awake. The inventions that we use now a days was someone's dream yesterday. 


It may seem very easy to us now, but the time it was created nobody could even imagine it's possibility in future.  The idea was basically made by the sub conscious mind and delivered to them through their dreams. 

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a dream in which you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming. It even helps you in law of attraction. What you want you should first manifest it into your dream world. It will attract your reality itself. 

Lucid dreaming

Your sub conscious mind sends you message every night, which is known as astral dreams. The dreams you see has a deep connection with your reality. So don't take it lightly!  Why do we see strange things in our dream which makes no sense in our day to day life!

Science has dedicated a special branch to understand our dreams, popularly known as  Oneirology. Even with all these efforts we couldn't found why we dream ? 

The answer to all these questions lies in the world of spirituality. 

How to do Lucid dreaming?

Is it possible to remember everything happened to you when your spirit enters in the inter dimensional realm? 

The answer is YES. It is possible through lucid dreaming. With this amazing super power you can improve your skills and personality.
Around 2010 when the world of internet was emerging.

 The myth of lucid dreaming got hype. It was considered myth since 2012 because it was not scientifically proven. In 2013 the scientists of the Max Planck institute Germany made it a scientific fact. 

Experiment which proved the reality of lucid dreaming;

The scientists of Max Planck institute asked a person to fall asleep and raise his left hand followed by right one. 


Since we get partially paralyzed while dreaming. So it is not possible to move our hands Intentionally

Result ;

But the person did the exact same thing he was asked to. The researchers conducted this experiment on thousands of people and got the same results. Which finally proved it to be true not a myth. 

You can read the full experiment by clicking on the link below.

Max Planck institute experiment on lucid dreaming

How you can lucid dream?

After knowing so much benefits of this super power aren't you curious of trying it? 

You can also do the same with some very easy and applicable methods. 

Reality check method;

One of the most simplest way to do this is to check the reality of surrounding time to time. You could adapt the habit of counting your fingers or keep asking yourself, am I dreaming? Is it real? 

You would be surprised to know that you will never see ten fingers in your dream.


Why do some dreams come true and some don't ?

Before understanding this, you first need to understand what is sleep ?

There are five different stages of sleep. REM ( Rapid eye movement ) is one of the them, and in which you dream. You will enter in this stage after 90 minutes. A REM cycle consists of 25% of your sleep which may occur several times throughout the sleep. 

During REM the signals are sent to your spinal cord to shut off movements creating a temporary inability to move the muscles of your arms and legs. This serves as a protective measure to prevent you from injuring yourself or others while you dream. 

But what if this signals got disturbed? 

Let's find out the answer. 

What is sleep paralysis?

Imagine you are just about to fall asleep and you start to count sheep in your head, and all of a sudden you feel a pressure on your chest and you sense a presence in the room. You cannot move a muscle but you can see your surrounding and are awake and alert. This is sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is a momentary alertness but loss of voluntary muscle movement, that occurs when you are just about to fall asleep or when you are just waking up. 

It can last anywhere from 20 seconds to a few minutes and it affects about 8% of the general population.

Common sensation and emotions could be fear, hallucinations etc. Some people even describe hearing some footsteps getting closer or feeling as if they are about to die. 

Sleep paralysis is different from nightmares.

There are two types of sleep paralysis depending on time when it occur.

1. Hypnagogic or predormital 

It occurs at sleep onset or just before falling asleep.

2. Hypnopompic or postdormital 

It occurs just after waking up.

What causes sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is thought to occur due to an error in the flip-flop switch controlling REM sleep . 

REM switch works as a switch between two stages 

1. REM on , when REM occurs 

2. REM off, when it does not 

This mechanism allows a smooth transitions into and out of REM sleep. This REM switch works in opposition to the wake sleep switch.

Normally REM on occurs at the same time you are asleep. However when sleep paralysis occurs the neurons controling the wake switch and the neurons controling the REM off switch are weakened. This allows on neurons to prevent muscle movement while the body is awake which should not be happening. This causes sleep paralysis.

The most common feeling during REM is fear this is due to a part of the brain known as the amygdala, which is important in fear processing is active .

Factors affecting sleep paralysis;

  • A twin study conducted over 862 participants showed that genes accounted for 52% of the occurrence of sleep paralysis.
  • Sleep disorders ;  Sleep paralysis is a common symptom of the sleeping disorder called narcolepsy.
  • Sleeping on back;  Sleep paralysis also mostly to occur if you sleep on your back.
  • Not getting enough sleep;  If you regularly don't get enough sleep you are likely to get this.
  • Poor mental health;  It is also generally associated with sleep paralysis.

There is no treatment for sleep paralysis. This problem is preventive and can be managed by introducing some good changes like yoga and meditation in your daily routine. 

You check my previous blog on meditation for more information about how to do yoga! I have described in detail the problems we all face during mediation and to achieve basic to meditate level in just few days. 

Simple 3 steps meditation for begginers

Is sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming bad for your health ?

Even though the name sleep paralysis is horrifying enough but it does no harm to your body. 

And lucid dreaming is whole new concept to achieve success in your life. You must try lucid dreaming it's once in a life time experience that you should have. 


Dreams shows you the greater side of the reality and the possibilities of the universe. 

It is a spiritual travel. In which you are pausing your life and travelling to other dimensions. 

And when you come back you erase everything intensely you saw from your mind,. Isn't it ?

This is the reason why you don't remember your dream or just remember bits of it. You would never know what you had experienced. When you wake you feel everything is normal, but you actually have experienced many amazing things while dreaming. 

According to the spiritual experiences of different people you spirit experience astral travel in your dream, and inters into the inter-dimensional realm. But you don't have memories of it.

So what are your experience? Would you like to try lucid dreaming once in your life. Do comment and share if you like the information.

 Aren't you curious  "What your friends think about you ?"

Telepathy super power

Reading or delivering thoughts through vibrations is popularly coined as TELEPATHY or CLAIRVOYANCE .The real life application of this super power is endless. 

You must have seen the famous fiction show shaktimaan. Did you noticed he used telepathy for sending his messages to Gita Vishwas. But let me remind you that the fiction character Shaktiman actually had the yogic powers. 

And today it is proved that Reading mind through Telepathy is possible.

Now let's dig into the facts not the fiction.

What is telepathy ?

Have you ever experienced this, when you want to call someone they call you right then. Or when you wanted to say something, someone says the exactly same thing before you. We are taught this is the concept of co incidence. But did you questioned why coincidence happens ? 

This co incidence is nothing but our general referring to telepathy. 

Telepathy in love 

Family members share the same vibrations. When a child is born he/she shares a vibrational bond with the mother. 

We feel a special connection with our family members. Many of you would say this is because of the blood relation or the DNA. But you share the same blood group with millions of people. Why don't you feel that same bonding with every person of your blood group? 

This special bonding comes from the vibrations. When we grow up we can change the frequency of this vibrations through meditation. 

If you have no idea how to do mediation or you you can't do mediation because of the distraction. Then you check out my previous blog Begginers meditation techniques

How to do telepathy ?

The universe is made up of vibrations. And the most powerful device in this vibrational world is the human brain .
The human mind works through the thought vibrations. When you think about something or someone intensely without any interruption, whether it is negative or positive, we generate the thought vibrations which reaches out sub conscious mind.


We are going to create a concentration of message , which we want to deliver to someone.

  1. Chose a person 

Chose a person with whom you had good relation in the past. It could be anyone from your family or friends. But keep in mind that you don't share any kind or negative realtions with them. 

2. Think about the good times you had with that person 

Think about that person happily. If you are not able to do this, you can try the breathing method to calm your mind. Recall some good memories. In this way you are activating your positive vibrations which will connect to their's. 
3. Set the intensions 

In this step you simply have to think about the message the that you want to deliver.

 4. Release your vibrations in the universe.

Now this step depends totally on your faith. Whether you believe in God or any energy. Just believe and say now it yours. 
These steps really works. You can't judge this technique without trying. 
And if you still have doubts about this super power. You should about another one to insure you believe in Telepathy before trying it.
Read my previous blog about  Our hidden superpower

Scientific background of telepathy

Since, 1919s scientists have trying different methods to get into the genuine world of telepathy.

One of them was to tap straight into the nervous system by inserting wireless communicating chips into the body of the sender and the receiver. 

Scientific experiment on telepathy

As the chip is too big to be implanted into the brain.

Even when the chip was implanted into the arm, they can't be attached to a single specific neuron. Hence they end up picking different singles like anger , pain etc at the same time. Thus making it really hard to send a clear message .

But with time scientists made their way through this problems. 

You can check the scientific experiment by clicking on the link given below.

Scientists proved that telepathic communication is within reach

Ancient Guru on telepathy

Swami Vivekananda mentioned in his book how ancient Guru used to communicate with each other thousands and thousands of miles away just by thoughts. It was like the modern internet.

So the question is , Can a human mind be trained to influence another human mind or people who are far away by tuning our mind to the right frequency? 

Can we learn the art?

According to the ancient Guru;

When we say mind, we are generally referring to the thought process. This thought process is the most surface element of our mind.

In yogic science there is no importance to what you are thinking or feelings right now. 

What can you think?

Only the data that you have collected. You are recycling it. It's of no great significance. What ever is on the surface of the mind keeps rolling. 

There are deeper dimensions of the mind . In Sanskrit language there are many words to describe the different states of mind. 

There is one aspect of mind which we referred to as "CHITTA"

Chitta is the most innermost core of the mind, which is your connection with what we are referring to as consious mind . If your chitta becomes  consious and acquires a certain level of conscious control you will get access to your consciousness.

Consiouness is that dimension which is neither physical nor electrical, nor it is electromagnetic. 

If your "CHITTA" becomes mildly consious, your ability to communicate physically or delevering something or an idea is physically possible.

Even Napoleon hills in his book think and grow rich stated that "subconscious mind is the sending station of the brain through which vibrations of thought are broadcast. The creative imagination is the recieving set through which the vibrations of thought are picked up from the ether."

You can buy the book by clicking here

Summary ;

Your thought process is just an outcome of the limited data that you have gathered. It doesn't matter if have read the libraries of the world still it is too limited,compared to the actual reality.

With all the scientific development we still do not know how life really works ?

Reading mind

So what are your thoughts about telepathy? Do comment if like the information about the actual superpowers.


You must have seen superheroes in movies; lifting cars,trucks in air through their thought. 

But have you ever wondered is it even possible in real life ? Can you do it? DO WE HAVE HIDDEN SUPERPOWERS ?
The answer is "YES".  It is possible through a psychic ability , which we call TELEKINESIS. 
It is an ability to move or bend objects physically by non physical means or mental waves. Lifting someone, opening a door depicts telekinesis.
Many believe that we only use 7%  of our brain. If we use 100% of our brain, we could get this superpower.

What science thinks about telekinesis ? Is it real ?

There are many universal laws. One of them states;

"The brain waves can't control objects"

The brain waves can do many things internally, but it can't affect the external objects.

Physicists believe that there are only two things in this universe which can move objects without physical contact.

1. Magnetic force

2. Gravitational force 

But if we link our mental waves with any physical object, we can move that thing with our thought only. 

Experiment which proved telekinesis could exist.

In one of the lab experiment that proved telekinesis could be possible; scientists connected wire to that part of their brain which is responsible for movement with a robotic arm. Surprisingly they were able to move the arm by focusing on their thoughts. 

But this experiment had a medium, we can't call it telekinesis. 

In short they concluded that telekinesis could be possible, if we have a medium .

What ancient monks said about telekinesis ?

Many ancient monks believed that we could achieve the power of telekinesis through meditation. If you are a beginner and have no idea what meditation is and how to do it you can check out my previous blog on meditation for beginners. Click here to view previous blog about meditation

You must have heard about 


It is assumed about him that he had awakened his kundalini and turned to the path of becoming a monk. I will cover this kundalini awakening process in upcoming blogs.BODHI DHARMAN posses many psychic abilities like

  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation

These above three psychic abilities come under a study known as parapsychology. 
The basic difference between an average human mind and the ancient monk's is not that the monks had a different DNA. It is simply that they allow their extra sensory perception and their ability to be inhanced. That is the reason they were able to receive the messages from beyond. 

 Do you think magician use telekinesis to lift humans ?

Magicians use basic scientific concept to show their magic . One of the famous magic trick is to lift a human body in air.

Magician lifting a human body 

Famous magic show 

The brain is a combination of billions of nerve cells, that work together to help us perform our daily activities. Is it possible that the human brain contains even more power waiting to be unlocked.
The untapped potential of the brain is barely researched yet . Those researching creative people assume that most of the work is done (that is truly innovative, new ) is done by the part of the brain which we can't track and is barely understood.

The human unlike the animal's brain contains a large neo- cortex which is responsible for language,logical reasoning and counciousness. Many believe that is also the seat of the psychic abilities.


Our sub conscious mind has many psychic abilities, telekinesis is just one of them. If we can link ourselves to our sub conscious mind we can achieve everything we want. I believe in science, but personally I feel that science has its own limitations there are many things that are beyond science. Almost everything is so mysterious about the brain, we understand the basic of " HOW THINGS WORK ?

But when it comes to our consciousness,our emotions science don't have a proper explanation for this.

It opens up a question" whether our brain's capacity is inside or outside the brain" ?

So what do you think ? Is telekinesis real? Will we be able to awaken our superpowers? Do let me know in the comments. 

 Are you worried about your future after the pandemic ?

Here, I am sharing my personal 3 steps meditation for beginners which will help you to sail through your tuff times.
I have learned this technique from my guru Sandeep maheshwari ,and now I would love to share my experiences with you. 

Why most people quit mediation after 2 or 3 days ?

Have you ever tried meditation. I am quite sure you would have found it boring. Isn't it? 
We mainly face three problems during mediation.

1. Outer noise 

2. Inner noise

3. Our judgement skills

How to tackle these three problems ?

  • Outer noise :
Let's be honest none of us live on the HIMALAYAS. Our family and friends never leave us alone. Which is good because we are social. But we are trying to meet ourselves.  So we have to isolate our selves ,which is next to impossible in this pandemic lockdown. 
Well! I have a solution for this outer noise . I use it during mediation. 
EAR PLUGS ! you could find it easily on any medical store for Rs. 10 or Rs 15. I am providing a link to buy it online. 
In case you are not able to buy. You can use your earphones or cotton for this. I am not sure about these alternatives.
Correct posture :
Let me tell you there is nothing like correct posture in meditation. Any position you are comfortable in you can perform mediation. Even while sitting on a chair . Just bend a little forward. 
Meditating on a chair 

Now some of you must have felt a sweet pain in the centre of your forehead while doing meditation.
This happens because you are trying very hard, which obvious is a wrong technique.

We will solve the rest two problems in our techniques. 

You can also watch this video before meditation to calm your mind if you are going through a tuff situation..

How to meditate!


Let's come to the main point.
First step would be to isolate your self . And use your ear plugs to cancel the outer noise. 
Take deep breaths, and focus on your breathing. Count from ten to zero . As you start from 10 start relaxing yourself. Again you don't have to try it. It will happen itself. Never force yourself at any step.
As soon as you reach zero your mind will get blank .
This is not the end of meditation. Most people stops here , thinking OK I HAVE DONE IT, A BIG NO FOR THEM.  Guys this is just the beginning. This is just the first layer, you have to go deeper .

Second step required you to go deeper. As you go deeper and deeper you will notice some strange sound coming within your body . And trust me this will be the most exciting experience.  Some may hear the sound of , some may hear the waterfall sound. It can be anything. I would like to give you a personal advice try to hear this sound from your right side. 

Why should you hear that sound from your right side ?

I know many of you would be wondering why I said right side? Why not the left one ? 
Well ! Here's a scientific explanation.
Human Brain has two sides .
The left side of the brain controls the body functions of right side and is responsible for logical thinking whereas the right side of the brain controls the left body functions and is responsible for creating and artistic thinking. 

When you hear your inner sound from your right side your brain will not be able to judge that sound and will shuts automatically. Once the brain stops talking you will notice everything is blank. You brain has nothing to judge. 

How to identify which sound is coming within our body ?

There are two types of sound: 
First one is the sound that we hear outside the body. Second one is the sound that is coming from inside ( like breathing , heartbeat). We are familiar with some sounds and some are unexplored. Once you insert the ear plugs the outer sounds will be canceled and whatever you hearing now will be your inner sound . 

Third step : 

Now that you have crossed all the hurdles so far. In this final step you have to do nothing . Your brain will automatically attracts your attention in present moment. You only have to leave the previous sound and focus on the fine voice . The final voice that you reach at is "THE AAHATA NAAD" . You will be amazed to know that,
This sound is always inside our body.

Then why couldn't we hear it ?
This is because there is a lot of noise in between. Once the noise is blocked, the heart will start to broaden itself. Then this sound will come in the centre. And when this happen you want nothing for yourself.


Meeting yourself and cancelling the noise between your mind and heart is the real meditation. It may take 10 days, 1 month or an year for you to hear this AAHATANAAD.  But once you hear this sound please don't be greddy or attach your self with meditation. Meditation is to detach your self from everything that is bonding you , once you get attach to this, it has no cure .
This medication technique will leave a question mark to your orthodox that you were rigid about earlier. 
Hope you liked my techniques, and will definitely give it a try. 

Do let me know in the comments, why do you want to meditate ?